Lehigh Valley Dairy

Earlier this week we were looking for some structures near the proposed hockey arena in downtown Allentown to photograph. Our thinking was we should try to capture some images before the demolition starts. Well it looks like we might have been about a week or two to late. Many of the areas have already been fenced off. So we decided to leave and started heading up (north) on 7th Street. As we were heading towards Route 22 we noticed some construction equipment at the former Lehigh Valley Dairy. I didn’t want to also be to late for this location. So the decision was made to stop and capture some images. This building was the old processing headquarters for the dairy. This place brings back memories when my dad would take my brother and me for ice cream (if we promised we would not fight with each other in the car on the way over). The facade is made up of some beautiful art deco tiles.



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  1. January 2, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Frank, I am glad you got there in time. I would like to have been there with you. It breaks my heart to think of the art deco features being destroyed. Please let me know if those tiles will somehow be saved. I would definitely want to buy some.

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